W. Pauly & C. S.r.l. (“WPC”) was founded in Genova, Italy, in 1919 by Walter Pauly (Nürnberg 1889 – Milano 1988) as agent representative of ModoCell and Korsnäs AB, at the time both pulp producing companies, i.e. well before they developed into paper and board.  In 1955 WPC moved to Milano, from where it still operates today. During its history, the company’s management was taken over by Franco Pauly, followed by Marco and subsequently Walter Pauly.

In the year 2000, following the merger with Metsa Serla giving birth to MReal, the direct collaboration with MoDo ceased, but continued through Domsjö, Iggesund and West Fraser, the latter two still represented by us today.

The relationship with Korsnäs (BillerudKorsnäs today after the merger with Billerud) enabled us to develop knowledge of and visibility in the packaging sector, were we have operated for decades.

 During the years our company has started commercial relationships with several pulp producers which has given us exposure and experience in sales and marketing of practically all existing pulp grades:  NBSK, radiata and southern pine, sulphite SW, eucalyptus pulp, mixed northern and southern HW, BCTMP, cotton linters pulp, annual fibres pulp, fluff pulp, DIP / RBK (de-inked pulp/recycled bleached kraft), mini-chip pulp.

Consolidation in the pulp and paper sector has created both new opportunities and interruptions of long-standing relationships like e.g. the end of the 40-year long representation of Alabama River Group, which was acquired by GP in 2010 and therefore ceased the collaboration with all its world-wide agencies.  Commercial relationships have come and gone during our long history, often due to mergers and acquisitions and to a never idle pulp and paper sector.  What will always stay with us is the experience acquired by a daily market presence over decades during which we have strengthened our most important asset in addition to our people:  the trusting relationship with our customers.