About Us

W.Pauly & C. is a long-standing, well connected and established pulp and paper agency business centrally located in Milano, Italy, in an area very well served by public transport and easily reached from both airports. It is mainly involved in the marketing and selling of a wide range of forest products to the paper and paper/board converting industries. Our range includes:

  • Various SW and HW pulp grades
  • Pulp from cotton linters
  • Kraftliner, Testliner, Wellenstoff

We believe that our multi-language/cultural team is the ideal solution for a pulp and paper producer needing to establish, develop or just hold a position in the highly competitive and challenging Italian market. For us at W. Pauly & C. it is just natural to listen to, understand, fulfil and hopefully exceed the needs of our foreign principals, no matter if they are based in Scandinavia, North America, New Zealand, Spain, Germany or Austria. Apart from the obvious selling, marketing, technical and financial assistance tasks which take up most of our working day, at W. Pauly & C. we proudly act as “translators”, not merely of words but more importantly of needs, moods, mutual expectations and every other aspect that helps the fine tuning between forest products producers and local buyers.

Walter Pauly

Owner and manager, Pulp and Packaging Sales








Anna-Carin Danielsson 

Customer service, Packaging  and Pulp








 Anna Jacobsson

Customer service, pulp